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The school has a very strong policy on Computing and Online Safety. The children are supervised on the computers and only visit sites they are allowed to access by their teachers. In addition, children are regularly taught about the importance of staying safe online.



How we teach computing at our school


All children are given the opportunity to use the school computers in the classrooms as well as in the computer suite. The children also have regular access to the 16 workstations in the computer suite, and whiteboard as well as 30 laptops to share amongst the Junior classes. The children have now got access to 30 I-pads which were recently purchased. There is an Interactive Whiteboard in each of the 8 classrooms.


The children are encouraged to become familiar with the keyboard using a variety of software programmes as well as the internet. The computers are used in all areas of the curriculum including: Design Technology, Art, History, Geography, Maths, Science and all areas of Language Arts. We now have interactive whiteboards in each of the classrooms. At St Margaret's we believe that it is important to provide children with every opportunity and every mean to facilitate their learning and best prepare them for the future.


Computers are used as an invaluable resource for the development of concepts, skills, knowledge, understanding and values to enhance the curriculum and to enrich the students’ lives with a multitude of resources and interactive media.In addition, children have access to online resources where they can further their learning.

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