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Our aim is to:

  • Make our Mission Statement the centre of school life.

  • Help parents understand that they are "the first and foremost educators of their children" and that primarily they have a major part to play in developing the faith life of their children.

  • Assure parents of our support for them and their children in achieving the school's aims and objectives.

  • Encourage the partnership between home, school and parish.

  • Encourage an atmosphere of justice and openness between children, school staff, governors, families and the wider community, to work for the well being of our school.

  • Develop links with the wider community, the Diocese and Local Education Authority.

  • Encourage respect for all other faith families in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Faith.

  • Show respect and care for all of God's Creation.

  • Encourage all adults and families to be part of the Catholic community


Communication and relationships


Our aim is to:

  • Welcome visitors, offer information and explanation.

  • Treat every day as a New Resurrection.

  • Support each member's role in the working community so that they feel that their strengths are acknowledged.

  • Create an atmosphere so that all staff can voice their concerns and worries and know that support is available.

  • Encourage a true Christian spirit in all our relationships.

  • Establish a stable, caring environment conducive to good working relationships in which all can do their best, enabling each individual to grow in knowledge and confidence, knowing that they are members of an active Christian community.

  • Willingly address problems and concerns.




Our aim is to:

  • Provide the community with times of celebration, prayer and reflection

  • Develop in each child a balance between knowledge, worship and values in all aspects of the RE Curriculum.

  • Recognise, guide and support everyone on their faith journey during their different stages.

  • Encourage all clergy to become involved in the life of the school.

  • Encourage each child to know that they are individually created by God and that He loves them all.

  • Help children to understand that we grow in faith when we celebrate and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion and that these will support them in their faith journey. 


Individual Support and Development


Our aim is to:

  • Recognise and support the individual needs of the children, parents, staff and governors in relation to school life.

  • Develop and implement a policy of pastoral care and have a positive and caring approach to children with special needs in these areas:

  • Medical

  • Educational

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Emotional

  • Economic

  • Moral

  • Ability

  • Enable all those working at St Margaret Clitherow School to feel they are valued and they have a role to play in the life of the school and the community.

Our Values and Aims

We live to love, learn and follow Jesus who says, "Love one another as I have loved you."

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