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ESafety for Pupils 

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Top Tips For Staying Safe Online!


Always ask a grown up before you use the internet. They can help you find the best thing to do.


Don’t tell strangers where you live, your phone number or where you go to school. Only your friends and family need to know that.


Don’t send pictures to people you don’t know. You don’t want strangers looking at photos of you, your friends or your family.

Tell a grown up if you feel scared or unhappy about anything.


You can also call ‘Childline’ on: 08001111 to talk to someone who can



To ensure that you are safe while on the internet whether you are at home, at school or anywhere else, you must follow the rules of internet safety.


If you are in Key Stage 1 (year 1 or year 2), click here


If you are in Key Stage 2 (years 3-6), click here