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Year of Mercy

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Committee Minutes Feed the Hungry To clothe the naked To visit the sick To ransom the captive To bury the dead

Jubilee Year of Mercy


Pope Francis declared an Extraordinary Jubilee which began on December 8th 2015 and will end on November 20th 2016.


But what does this mean St Margaret Clitherow School?  Well, the clue to the aim of the Year of Mercy is in its name: it’s a time for the Church itself and for Catholics everywhere to show mercy and compassion, in thought and in deed, and focus on forgiveness, reconciliation and doing good in concrete ways for the needs of those on the margins of society.


We have all admitted to feeling powerless as to how we can effect change.  But this Year of Mercy has given us a wonderful opportunity to do something about that. We can start in small ways by helping others within our local community.  But how can we do this?


Our Tree of Life


As you enter our school hall during this Year of Mercy, you will notice our Tree of Life: our symbol of the Jubilee.  


Every month, the tree will display one of the Corporal Works of Mercy:  


To feed the hungry:                February/March

To clothe the naked:               April/May

To give drink to the thirsty:     June/July

To harbour he harbourless:    August

To visit the sick:                      September

To ransom the captive:           October

To bury the dead:                    November



During each of the months above, we will be carrying out activities and events to support people in need.  As we carry our each activity, we will take one of the heart-shaped leaves in the basket below the tree and write how we have helped another.  


Our tree is bare at present - it's in winter. But as the months pass and we move towards spring and summer, we hope our tree will be covered in leaves - leaves that our school community will provide. Every leaf will represent an Act of Mercy.  


English Martyrs Church have a similar tree in their porch and the Parish community is also working together to help those less fortunate than themselves during this Jubilee Year.


To celebrate this Jubilee Year, Members of the Parish community and School community are working together.  A committee has been established to discuss ideas and organise the various activities.


In the words of Mother Teresa,



“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”



If anyone would like to join the Year of Mercy Committee (or if you have any ideas on how we can celebrate the Year of Mercy) please contact:  

Joanne Wade on

Tree of Life at the Church

Tree of Life at the Church

Tree of Life at St Margaret Clitherow's School